Things to Check
1. Is there an appropriate title that really explains what the graph is about?
2. Does the X axis have a label? Y axis?
3. Is the unit indicated?
4. Is the graph centered on the paper and away from the edges (easier to read)?
5. Was most of the area of the paper used?
6. Are there appropriate increments for the scale?
7. Are the bars equal sized?
8. Is the space between the points/bars equal?
9. Do the bars have flat even tops? Flat even sides?
10. Was a straight edge used to connect the points?
11. Were the points plotted correctly?ee12. Is the key located in an obvious spot, if needed?


Read the article about Houston County and frac sand mining:

MCA Science 8 Test Review:
Go to the Studyjams website and do at least 2 of the topics on the Force and Motion page:

Write down which topics you did and what your quiz score was for each one. Extra credit if you did more than 2.