Spring Grove Public Schools
Spring Grove, MN
Students, staff, parents, and community members in Spring Grove are design team members who guide our transformational practices through feedback, discussion, prototype analysis, and creative cycles. Students and stakeholders work together to inform and work alongside educators and leaders to ensure a system who is responsive to the people's needs. The culture of our school is respectful, hard working, trustworthy, and rigorous as we work toward deeper and authentic learning experiences. 

Our Student-Centered Network Students holds positions of leadership in making decisions about building upgrades, schedules, flexibilities of the system, career and college ready programming, and student wellness and belonging supports. They create activities, pursue feedback, and improve programming. They also serve as spokespeople for Spring Grove's work as they attend state and national events around student-centered Learning.

Here are some examples of the work of our Design and Student-Centered Teams:
Here is research that guides our Design and Continuous Improvement Cycles: