Spring Grove Public Schools
Spring Grove, MN
As the Assistant Superintendent at Spring Grove Schools, I connect students, staff, parents, and the community to engage in educational transformation. Using a learner-driven and human-centered design, I work with all stakeholders to continuously reflect on and improve our system to support all learners. 

Education is at a point of transformational change because our students need to engage in deeper learning experiences that a relevant. Our students need to be empowered to make a difference in their own lives, their community, and the world.  Spring Grove is committed to bringing relevant learning experiences to our students through discovery, inquiry, and relationships. Our students are engaging in work that redefines success by not only expect students to understand the content, but to prepare them to communicate, collaborate, innovate, and overcome challenges.

The following resources are examples of how our system is creating purpose-driven learning experiences for our students:

Profile of a Learner - Our students, parents, and community members used surveys and discussion to highlight the five most important attributes of a learner in Spring Grove. These attributes are intertwined into the learning experiences of our students and are valued achievements of our graduates. 

Storylines - Our teachers are using storylines to intertwine essential questions, learning standards, and student inquiry into meaningful learning experiences.

Student-Centered Learning
Student voice and empowerment is the goal of Spring Grove Schools. We have organizations throughout the school that supports our students' passions and goals. They help to design schedules, learning spaces, and options for themselves as learners and contributors to society. 

Community Partnerships
Our school and community are intertwined in so many ways, it is hard to name them all! Our music programs have lasting partnerships around performance, inspiration, and creativity. Our Business Experience/CEO class partners with businesses within our community to overcome challenges. Our city updated its shelters and wrote grants to support our outdoor learning classrooms and or middle school interdisciplinary model to teach place-based education. Giants of the Earth has partnered with us in theatre, history, and film projects over time. We appreciate the support of our community and are excited by the ever-emerging learning and contribution themes that are continually evolving. 


Contact: Gina Meinertz