Spring Grove Public Schools
Spring Grove, MN

Spring Grove is a community-based school who creates real world, authentic learning experiences by creating partnerships within the community for students to learn, share, and grow. This has been part of the history of Spring Grove over time, and is still expanding in influence. Here is a list of the partnerships within our school and community:
  • College in the Schools
  • Winona State Co-Teaching and Methods Courses
  • Farm Partnership
  • Outdoor Classrooms supported by City Parks and Norwegian Ridge Bird Trail
  • Bluff County Collaborative
  • Work Experience
  • Giants of the Earth Heritage Center, Little Gnome, Spring Grove Schools, and Hiawatha Valley Mental Health in Extended Day and Daycare Partnerships
  • Law Course Yearly Courthouse and Jail Exploration Day
  • Project-based Learning Day for Middle School Students
  • Student-Centered Learning 
  • Department of Transportation Planning and Planting
  • Longview Education and Bush Foundation Student-Centered Learning
  • Minnesota Learner Centered Network
  • Houston County Collaborative Equity Work
  • Reflective Mental Health Services with Hiawatha Valley Mental Health
  • Spring Grove 2030 
  • Habitat for Humanity House Building