Spring Grove Public Schools
Spring Grove, MN
Spring Grove School District Board of Education

The control of the Spring Grove School District lies with its Board of Education, which has been duly constituted and is governed by the state’s educational statutes.  The Board exercises its powers through adoption of policies for the organization and operation of the school district and is responsible for district operation through the Superintendent of Schools.
The Board consists of six members.  School board members are elected during the November general election on even years.  Terms are for four years, and at least three members are on the ballot during each election.  To qualify to represent the community at-large, the candidate must be a citizen, at least 21 years old, and a resident of the district for at least 30 days prior to election/appointment.  Any board vacancies occurring by resignation, expulsion, or death must be filled by board appointment at a regular or special meeting.
All citizens have the right to advance notice of and attendance at all public meetings of the Board of Education.  Announcements of meetings may be found on the calendar on the District website.  Meetings are typically held on the third Monday of the month.
Agendas and minutes for the board meetings may be found on the District website.