Spring Grove Public Schools
Spring Grove, MN
District Goals
Bold Steps
  • Create opportunities to experiment and demonstrate innovation in teaching and learning.
  • Strengthen individual student awareness about various pathways for college and career options.
  • Cultivate an environment where each student has ownership in his/her learning.
  • Determine ways to assess students for critical life skills, beginning with problem-solving.

World's Best Workforce Goals
  • All Students in Third Grade Achieving Grade-Level Literacy:  The District 3 year trend for third grade students who are proficient on the MCA III Reading Assessment will increase from 46.0% in 2023  to 48.0% in 2024.
  • All Students Ready for Kindergarten:  Increase the number of Pre-K children enrolled in a 4K program from 95.8% in 2023 to 97.8% in 2024.
  • Close the Achievement Gap(s):  The percentage of all students enrolled in grades 3-8, and 11 at Spring Grove Public Schools who earn an achievement level of Meets the Standards or Exceeds the Standards on the MCA III Math Assessment  will increase from 53.3% in 2023 to 55.3% in 2024.
  • All Students Career- and College-Ready by Graduation:  Using the Redefining Ready criteria for Career Ready, the Spring Grove School District will maintain the number of students who are either “career ready” or “college ready” from 100% in 2023 to 100%  in 2024.
  • All Students Graduate:  The Spring Grove School District will maintain a 4-year target graduation rate of 100% in 2023 to 100% in 2024.