Spring Grove Public Schools
Spring Grove, MN
Redefining Ready
Spring Grove is going schools from across the nation in looking at what skills, knowledge, dispositions, and skills our students need to graduate. This movement was sparked by the National Superintendent Association by creating  National College and Career Readiness Indicators. This Redefining Ready movement has been growing in support, research and action throughout the nation. Spring Grove has been meeting with seniors about these indicators to help prepare them for their next steps for over five years. Now, we are adding more goals to support our effort to Redefine Ready:
  • Communicate with students and parents what the indicators are.
  • Help student to track their growth toward being college and career ready (create portfolios of evidence).
  • Use our School's Redefining Ready Report to Guide Implementation and Programming shifts
  • Create and support an education team who will guide implementation.

Career and College Ready Days
Our parents, students, and staff participated in a series of design team meetings in the spring and summer of 2021 to create a way to keep supporting the teaching of independence with a career and college ready focus in a way that kept rigor and time for the educational course. The end result was the creation of a Career and College Ready Day once a month for the 2021- 2022 School Year. Here are the events and the why behind our work. We will get the design teams back together to support implementation into the second semester.

Spring Grove’s Advisory is meant to give time for supportive relationships to be built based around wellness, trust, and career and college readiness. Students chose their advisory teachers based on their interest in career clusters and the relationships they hold in our district. Student who meet privilege requirements are allowed to check out advisory. Below you will see the weekly schedule and checkout requirements for advisory: