Spring Grove Public Schools
Spring Grove, MN
Community Education - (498-3221 ext 105)

Community Ed Classes are listed in the school newsletter. The newsletters are also available online.

1. Please Register one week in advance of the class. This will also help to ensure the class will not be canceled. Complete the registration form and send it or drop it off at school.

2. Make checks payable to: Community Education Program. Fill out one form and check for each class.

3. If school is closed the day of the class because of weather the evening activities will also be canceled. If the class you have signed up for is canceled for any reason your fee will be refunded.

Mission Statement:
Spring Grove Community Education is committed to a lifelong learning philosophy, which recognizes that throughout life each community member is both a learner and a resource to a community-based lifelong learning system.

Contact: Cindy Thorson