Spring Grove Public Schools
Spring Grove, MN
Welcome to Spring Grove’s Virtual Academy! Our cohort is unique, in that we consist of students from every grade level at our school. I will be your learning facilitator, assisting you in your online instruction. We plan to use a virtual learning program called Edgenuity. I will share with you more information about how to use Edgenuity in the near future. As virtual learners, you will take part in regular online large group meetings, and smaller meetings as well. We will communicate through Google Classroom, but you will monitor your academic progress on Edgenuity. I am here to help you succeed in your studies and connect with other students in the academy. I look forward to seeing you at Back to School Conferences next week, where I'll give you more information you will need for this school year. See you soon! Ms. Parker

My Office Hours are 1:45-2:30 for elementary students, and 2:30-3:16 for high school students.

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