As Transformational Leader at Spring Grove Schools, I have had the inspiring work supporting all teachers and learners in the system to meet their goals, innovate their practices, and create learning opportunities that are more greatly connected to the community and world. If you would like to see pictures and descriptions of some of the work that has happened during the first semester, check out this presentation.

Education is at a point of transformational change because our world needs our students to be prepared in new and deeper ways to be citizens and contributors. Spring Grove is committed to bringing relevant learning experiences to our students through discovery, inquiry, and relationships. Our students are engaging in work that redefines success by not only expecting students to understand the content, but to prepare them to communicate, collaborate, innovate, and overcome challenge.

Here are some articles for your reading pleasure that will explain, inspire, and show examples of how education is transforming:
What does employment look like now and into the future:
Occupational Employment in the United States
Workforce Change During Automation
The Future of Jobs
Futurist Martin Ford Ted Talk 
Do productivity and problem solving come from a community built on reliance, dependence, and trust?
Here are some questions to ponder after you have explored:
What implication will there be for our community?
What skills, experiences, and credentials will our students need for success in future jobs?


Contact: Gina Meinertz