Spring Grove Public Schools
Spring Grove, MN

Parent/Student Play or Musical Expectations

Show Participation Fee: $15

The participation fee must be paid in the main office or online before your son/daughter will receive a script. Checks must be made out to Spring Grove Schools. (Note: this fee cannot be combined with anything related to drama club, which is a separate student activity account.)


Rehearsals for plays and musicals are not always the same from day to day/week to week. To allow students who are involved in other school sports or activities to participate schedules are built from the availability information provided by students at auditions, so it is incredibly important for students to provide conflict info as soon as possible

  • Not everyone is scheduled to attend each rehearsal, but it is expected that each cast member makes every effort to attend every rehearsal for which they are scheduled.

  • Rehearsals vary between 3:30-9 pm during the week and a few Saturday mornings/Sunday evenings. During show week, however, rehearsals may go until 10:00 pm or later, if needed.

  • All cast and crew members are expected to be at all rehearsals during the two weeks prior to the show. (If you have a job, take off now!)

  • Excused absences from rehearsal are things such as school activities that cannot be rescheduled, illness, family emergencies, and conflicts listed ahead of time and approved in advance. Multiple unexcused absences can result in the recasting of your role or being cut from number(s).

  • If you are in multiple activities, it is expected that you come to rehearsal as soon as you are able (ex. practice gets out early, game is over, etc.) This can also make for long days, so sometimes you need to plan for dinner or a change of clothing if you need to go directly from a rehearsal to another event or vice versa.

  • Schedules are online and handed out at rehearsals. Extras are always available for pick-up on the drama bulletin board outside of my classroom. They usually cover 2-3 weeks at a time.

  • Students are expected to listen to/read the school announcements in case of any changes/updates.

  • If students are unable to come to rehearsal or are running late, they must contact Mrs. Miller or the stage manager.

  • Sign up for REMINDERS/ANNOUNCEMENTS on Remind. 
    You are able to reply to my group texts, and they will go to me only.


Most costumes pieces are provided, but it is expected that all students have appropriate base costumes to allow for quick changing, etc. (Usually black or white shorts, camis, leggings, t-shirts, or tank tops depending on show needs.) Students may also be asked to purchase specific items for their costumes such as socks, tights, shoes. TAP SHOES WILL BE NEEDED FOR Mary Poppins!

Please do not make any major changes to your hair (cut/color) until after the show or a discussion with the director. Boys: Please do not cut your hair shorter than a length that is able to be styled for the show. (Otherwise, you may need to wear a wig.)

Cast T-shirts
We order cast t-shirts for the plays & musicals. Cost is usually $15 and is paid through the DRAMA CLUB. We can order extras for family/friends if we know at the time of order.

Students must be in good academic standing to participate in the performance.

Parent Volunteers
We can always use extra help! Please email Mrs. Miller any and all areas you may be interested in helping out with show, such as:

Ticket sales
Set construction   
Costume construction    
Selling concessions
Set painting             

Set strike             
Cast party               
Publicity (posters, programs, etc.)


Contact: Megan Miller