How does our classroom feel?

We read books, lots of books! Students read to themselves, students read to each other, I read to the whole group, and I read to small groups and individuals!

We play!  Children have time to choose their own activities.  From science investigations to arts and crafts to puzzles and sensory materials to dramatic play, students choose their own activities and work and play with other children in a variety of ways.

We create stories, sing songs, dance, and have fun!

We play outside!  Every day, as long as the weather cooperates, students get to be out in the fresh air, running and playing.

We learn at our own pace!  Some teaching and learning is done as a whole group, but during a large part of our day, students are learning at their own level in small groups or individually.

We ask questions, we explore, we wonder, and we create!   

We work cooperatively and independently!  Students learn how to work with others and on their own to accomplish a task.  We laugh together and we struggle together while learning about the world around us.

Contact: Jennifer Solberg