Websites For Learning

I have selected these websites for your child to practice Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Math. There are also some fun Science, Social Studies, and News websites to explore.

This is a great website with Reading, Writing, and Math games. We play a lot of these games on the SMARTboard in our classroom. I know your child will enjoy showing you his/her favorite games!

Spelling City
A wonderful website where you can play games using your personal spelling words. Great interactive way to practice words. 

Roy the Zebra
Interactive games and stories to for reading practice and learning new skills. 

Mighty Book
For children who enjoy books, music, art, and games. You will find interactive stories, songs, poems, and puzzles. Everything is animated and read aloud. 

A great way to practice early reading skills. This site has fun games and interactive stories that teach early reading skills. 

Everyday Math Skills
Allows you to pick a skill and practice. If you scroll to the bottom of the page and Click on the I CAN... boxes you will get a list of games to practice the skills. It is a great way to practice the skills your child finds challenging.

Scholastic has fun learning games including iSPY, Clifford, and The Magic School Bus. 

Interactive games for every subject area. Your child will never get bored with the games on this website. You will not believe the games and puzzles you will find! We play a lot of the Math games on the SMARTboard in our classroom. 

Popular stories read aloud by famous people. 

The wild world of Dr. Seuss. Need I say more?

GoGo News
Big News for Little People!

Discovery Kids
From the Discovery Channel, kids can explore animals, play games, and watch videos.