Unit 1: The World

Essential Questions: Why is it important to have geography skills? What kinds of geographic characteristics define the region where you live? What factors bring about changes in cultures?

Unit 2: The United States & Canada

Essential Questions: How do landforms and climate help or hinder transportation in a vast region? How do you think immigration affects the cultures of countries? How might a region’s economy influence the world economy?

Unit 3: Latin America

Essential Questions: How might a wide variety of physical features affect transportation and communications within a region? In what ways can language and religion both unite and divide a region? What human activities benefit the environment, and what activities harm it?

Unit 4: Europe

Essential Questions: How do people use waterways? What forces have helped unify Europeans at different times? What factors help make a region an important world economic center?

Unit 5: Russia

Essential Questions: How do Russia’s location and landforms affect its population and its use of resources? Why do countries often wish to expand their territory? Why is the success of democracy in Russia important to the rest of the world?

Unit 6: North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia

Essential Questions: How have natural resources made this region a key player in world affairs? How does religion affect the lives of people today? What effects can conflict have on a region?

Unit 7: Africa South of the Sahara

Essential Questions: How do physical features influence a region’s climate? What effect does the movement of people within a region have on that region? How might governments use their countries’ resources to help people?

Unit 8: South Asia

Essential Questions: How do seasonal weather patterns affect a region? How do religious beliefs and practices influence people’s lives? How do a country’s resources affect its role in world affairs?

Unit 9: East Asia & Southeast Asia

Essential Questions: What factors do you think influence where people live? How can trade influence the ideas and lifestyles of cultures? What impact does rapid economic change have on the lives of people?

Unit 10: Australia, Oceania, and Antarctica

Essential Questions: How might the remoteness of a region make it different from other places? How does a people’s past influence its present and future? How might people survive in a land with limited resources?