Spring Grove Public Schools
Spring Grove, MN
Spring Grove values student-centered, authentic learning experiences that bring depth and curiosity to our students' learning and growth. We want to invite you into this world of learning by exploring these videos celebrating the efforts of educators, students, and staff as they take risks, stretch their creativity, and share learning in ways that exemplify Lion Pride. Enjoy!

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90 Second Newbery
Spring Grove Staff
Student-Led Conference: Middle School
Building Aztec and Mayan Roads
Living History: 6th Grade
Building Shelters
Business Experience/CEO
Weather Inquiry
Sign of the Beaver
Nutrition Staff COVID19 Response
The Mexican Holiday K/1 Showcase of Learning
Graphic Design and Innovation: Inventing a New Type of Spring Grove Pop
4th Grade Inspiration During a Pandemic
Norwegian Ridge Bird and Nature Trail Winter 2020

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