Spring Grove School District Student Laptop Guidelines



The Apple MacBook Air issued to you is the property of the Spring Grove School District. This computer is on loan to the student, and must be used in accordance with the following Policies and Procedures, the District’s Acceptable Use Policy and any applicable laws. Use of this computer, as well as access to the computer network, the Internet and email are a privilege and not a right. These items are provided for educational purposes only, and are intended to support the learning objectives of the Spring Grove School District.

Using the Computer at School

  •   Only Spring Grove School District laptop computers and wireless peripherals are allowed in the building during the instructional day unless approved by school officials.

  •   Students should not deface the MacBook Air in any way. This includes but is not limited to marking, painting, drawing, or marring any surface of the MacBook Airs. Students must use the provided sticker for identification of their laptop.

  •   Each computer is assigned to an individual student. Students should never “swap” or “share” their computer with another student. Laptops should be in a student’s possession, locked in their locker during school hours, or secured in their designated charging area at all times.

  •   If a student is participating in an activity that is not conducive to using their laptop (i.e., field trip, assembly, etc.), they are required to leave their laptop in their locker or charging area.

  •   Always keep the laptop secure as you are walking in the building or at your home.

  •   The technology coordinator will assign your Internet password to you at the beginning of the year. Students may never share their password with another student. Passwords should always be kept confidential. District staff will keep a confidential record of student passwords. This is done so that the technology staff can perform service and maintenance when necessary.

  •   Students who have permission to take their laptop home are responsible for bringing their laptop, fully charged, to school each day. If a student fails to bring their fully charged laptop to school each day, they will no longer be allowed to take it home.

  •   Students who do not take their laptop home may pick up their laptop from the charging station each morning, and are required to return their laptop to the charging station at the end of each day. Students are responsible for making sure their laptop is plugged in for recharging each night.

  •   If a student forgets a computer at home, and it is needed for classroom activities, a parent/guardian will be called to bring the laptop to school.

  •   Students are responsible for saving or backing up their documents to the server.

  •   Computers are to be used only in the classroom for school related activities.

  •   Classroom teachers will establish standards for laptop use in their respective classrooms.

  •   File sharing must be approved and directed by the teacher.

  •   Students are not allowed to download or install any software or other materials without the permission of the technology staff.

  •   No music or video files including MP3, AVI, MPEG, MP4 (or similar types) may be downloaded via the Spring Grove School District network and none can be stored on the hard drive of the school owned laptop due to issues of copyright ownership and access provided by online sources.

  •   No online chatting at school, or downloading of chat software unless required by a specific assignment and under a teacher’s supervision.

  •   Laptops may not be used to play music (audio CDs, online music sources, etc.) during the school day unless approved by a teacher and under a teacher’s supervision.

  •   Interactive online games and iTunes radio reduce network bandwidth, and are not allowed unless approved by a teacher and under a teacher’s supervision.

  •   Only Spring Grove email addresses are allowed. No web-based email accounts are allowed (hotmail, yahoomail etc.).

  •   Any malfunctions of the hardware or software should be reported to the technology staff.

  •   When a system has to be rebuilt, the computer will be returned to the student with the operating system and the original software only.

Using the Computer at Home.

  •   Students must have the written permission of their parent or guardian before they will be allowed to take their computer home.

  •   Parents/guardians will be given the child’s login name and password, so that they can supervise the student’s use of the computer at home.

  •   When at home, the computer should always be used under adult supervision in a common family location (i.e., kitchen, living room, dining room).

  •   Do not leave computer unattended in vehicles. Avoid leaving computer in extreme hot or cold temperatures, such as in a car.

  •   Students will be able to use the computer as a recreational device outside of the school day. However, the primary use of the computer is as a tool to improve student achievement.

  •   Students are responsible for recharging the laptop at home on a daily basis. General Laptop Policies and Procedures

  •   Protect the laptop screen from damage (i.e., pointing, poking, or other abrasions). Do not touch the screen. Do not place any foreign objects on the keyboard (such as a pencil, pen, etc.) that could be smashed into the monitor screen when the top is closed. Screens can be cleaned with a static-free soft cloth. Do not spray window cleaner on the screen.

  •   If the computer is lost or stolen, parents/guardians should immediately report the loss or theft to the local police, and Spring Grove School.

  •   If the computer is damaged or not working properly, it must be turned in to the technology staff for repair or replacement. Parents/guardians are not authorized to attempt repairs themselves, or contract with any other individual or business for the repair of the laptop. 

    Using the Computer for Internet and Email

  •   Students and parents/guardians understand that the Spring Grove School District does not have control over information found on the Internet. While every attempt is made to block access from inappropriate material while the student is at school, the district is not able to monitor student usage of the computer while at home. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to supervise the information that a student is accessing from the Internet while at home.

  •   Students should never share personal information about themselves or others while using the Internet or email. This includes a student’s name, age, address, phone number or school name.

  •   Parents/guardians and students are required to read and agree to the Spring Grove School District Student Laptop Usage Agreement prior to receiving Internet and email access.

  •   Students should be aware that Internet access and email, and other media that are accessed, created or stored on their computers are the sole property of the District. The District has the right to review these items for appropriateness, and to limit or revoke a student’s access to them at any time, for any reason.

    General Use and Care of the Computer

  •   When transporting their laptop to and from school, students should always be sure it is placed in a carrying case, and the case is fully closed. Laptop bags can then be placed inside the student’s book bag or backpack.

  •   Students are expected to treat their laptop with care and respect. The computer and case are the property of the Spring Grove School District, and should be kept clean and free of marks at all times. Placing stickers, writing or drawing on, engraving or otherwise defacing the laptop or carrying case are not allowed and will result in loss of privileges.

  •   Students are encouraged to help each other in learning to operate their computer. However, such help should be provided with voices and not hands. Students should operate their own computer at all times.

  •   Any inappropriate or careless use of a computer should be reported to a teacher or other staff member immediately.


  •   Students should not use their laptop while walking, on the bus, or otherwise being transported. Laptops should only be used while they are on a flat, stable surface such as a table. Laptops can be fragile, and if they are dropped they may break.

  •   Students should protect their laptop from extreme heat or cold. Laptops should never be left in a car, even if the car is locked.

  •   Computers should be protected from the weather, water or other liquid, food, and pets. Students should never eat or drink while using their laptop, or use their laptop near others who are eating and drinking.

  •   Heavy objects should never be placed or stacked on top of your laptop. This includes books, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc.

  •   Computers should never be placed in their carrying case while they are turned on. The computer should either be turned off or in “sleep” mode. In addition, computers should not be placed on or under soft items such as pillows, chairs or sofa cushions, or blankets. This will cause the computer to overheat, and will result in damage to the computer.

    Consequences of Inappropriate Use

    The use of any district technology is a privilege and not a right. Students are expected to use their computer in accordance with these Policies and Procedures, the Spring Grove School District Student Laptop Usage Agreement and any applicable laws. Failure to use this computer in an appropriate manner will result in the following consequences, as determined by the staff and administration of the Spring Grove School District:

  •   Limitation or cancellation of student use or access privileges, including the privilege of taking the computer home.

  •   $50 fine to be paid by the student for damage to the computer if they have not purchased insurance.

  •   The district reserves the right to charge computer replacement cost if damaged accrued is repetitive and/or purposeful.

  •   Suspension from school.

  •   Expulsion from school.

  •   Civil or criminal liability under applicable laws.

    Problem Reporting

    If you need technical assistance with software or hardware, problems should be reported immediately to the technology staff.

    Never attempt to repair a computer yourself, unless you have been instructed by one of the technology staff members! Students will gradually be expected to learn repair procedures, but you must have training before attempting to repair on your own.

    The technology staff can only help you with software that is part of the default configuration of the laptop. If a program hangs or freezes, you can probably fix the problem by restarting the laptop (save your work first). The staff will help to the best of their ability.

    Loss or Theft

  1. The student must report theft (or suspected theft) of the computer, loss of the computer, or damage to the computer to school personnel immediately.

  2. A Parent/Guardian will be notified.

  3. Parents may be directed to contact the Houston County Sheriff’s Department and provide a copy

    of police report to the Spring Grove School office.


Spring Grove School District Student Laptop Usage Agreement

Providing laptop computers for instructional use by students is an exciting venture. Certain guidelines are necessary to protect the laptop and the school network and ensure that this technology serves as an effective instructional tool. Students and their parents/guardians must agree to the following:

  1. The student agrees to follow all Spring Grove School District regulations and policies governing the use of the computer as well as all applicable State and Federal laws including copyright and intellectual property law pertaining to software and information.

  2. The computer is the property of Spring Grove School District. If a student withdraws from the school prior to the end of the loan period, the laptop computer is to be returned to school officials by the student prior to withdrawal.

  3. The student shall not remove or alter any Spring Grove School District identification labels attached to or displayed on the computer, nor shall the student change identification within the computer, such as the computer name.

  4. The student agrees to handle the computer carefully and protect it from potential sources of damage. Students who rent their computer will be charged a $50 insurance payment. This payment covers situations such as cracked screens and damaged keyboards. Circumstances involving theft or student neglect will be handled on a case by case basis.

  5. The student must report theft (or suspected theft) of the computer, loss of the computer, damage to the computer, or malfunctioning of the computer to school personnel immediately.

  6. Upon request, the student agrees to deliver the computer to Spring Grove School District staff for technical inspection or to verify inventory or other information; this may include random screening.

  7. Laptops will be checked out for the school year. Laptops will be collected from students at the end of the school year. After a laptop has been initially assigned to a student, it will remain designated to that student for the remainder of the student’s education for a period not exceeding four years. Laptops must be checked out at the beginning of each school year; the student, at the end of the school year, will return the laptop.

  8. Spring Grove School District is not liable for lost data or time spent on data.

  9. Damage of a computer for students who do not rent are as follows:

 Limitation or cancellation of student use or access privileges, including the privilege of taking the computer home.

  •   $50 fine to be paid by the student for damage to the computer

  •   The district reserves the right to charge computer replacement cost if damaged accrued is repetitive and/or purposeful.

  •   Suspension from school.

  •   Expulsion from school.

  •   Civil or criminal liability under applicable laws