Kody Moore

I am excited to be part of the Spring Grove Teaching Staff for my 5th year!  I teach high school Health and Physical Education courses as well as instruct in our new Alternative Learning Program . I also coach Football, Girl's Basketball, and Baseball for the Lions!  I enjoy working with all of the students at Spring Grove as well as helping them continue to lead healthy and active lifestyles long after graduation from Spring Grove High School.  I am truly lucky to be able to be part of such a wonderful school district!

-Kody Moore
8th Grade Health/Physical Education
Grade: 8 - Required Prerequisite: Physical Education 7 1 Semester (2 Credits) - The class is a continuation of activities learned at the 7th grade year. Units taught include golf, football, softball, volleyball, basketball, team handball, hockey, weight training, physical fitness and others. Activities are co-ed. In Health 8, we cover the following areas: benefits of physical activity, prevention of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs, community and environmental health, personal and consumer health.
9th Grade Health/Physical Education
Grade: 9 Required Prerequisite: Physical Education 7 & 8, Health 8 Units taught include football, softball, archery, volleyball, basketball, handball, hockey, weight training, physical fitness, combatives, rec games, roller-skating, and tennis. Activities are co-ed. In Health 9 we cover nutrition, injuries, mental and emotional health, family health and sexuality, and anatomy. Standard offered: Physical Educ. & Lifetime Fitness / Individual & Community Health
Lifetime Fitness
2nd Semester (2 Credits) Grade: 10-11-12 Elective Lifetime fitness students will learn ways to maintain lifelong fitness. They will test themselves, learn to analyze data, develop personal fitness plans and diets, implement the fitness plan and diets, and learn different techniques to maintain wellness. Standard offered: Physical Education & Lifetime Fitness / Physical Education & Fitness
Advanced Fitness Education
1st Semester (2 Credits) Junior and Senior Level Class. This is essentially an independent study class with teacher guidance. Includes scheduled workouts with a focus on all aspects of fitness training. Team sport units will be included as well.

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