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Physical Education 7: Syllabus



Volleyball, Basketball, Hockey, Roller skating, Handball, Fitness, Soccer/Speedball, Fitness testing, Weight Lifting, Archery, Lawn Games, Football, Softball, Kickball, Disc Golf, Eclipse Ball, Nitro Ball
GRADING PROCEDURES                         
  A         100-93

  A-          92-90  
B+        89-87
  B          86-83
  B-         82-80
  C+        79-77
  C          76-73
  C-         72-70
D+        69-67
  D          66-63
  D-         62-60
F          59>
            PE will be graded on a 5 pts per day scale based on participation, attitude, effort, sportsmanship and preparation.  Grades will also come from skill tests, quizzes, worksheets and tests.


  1.   1. All student handbook rules apply.
  2.   2. Everyone should come to class prepared.  Always have clothes for outside and inside activities.
  3.   3. If you miss class, YOU are responsible for coming to me to find out what we did and what homework you need to do.
  4.   4. If you miss a test or quiz you will make it up the NEXT day you are back.
  5.   5. I will collect homework at the beginning of class.  If you do not have it at that       time it will not be accepted and you will receive a zero.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  6.   6. Proper gym cloths are non-ripped shirt, shorts or wind pants.  They must be clean and washed.  
  7.   7. Must have a note from your parent or doctor to be excused from gym.  An             alternate assignment will be substituted.
  8.   8. Participation in all activities is mandatory and graded daily.
  9.   9. Respect all the equipment.
  10. 10. Keep locker rooms clean, pick up towels and bring them back after every             class.
  11. 11. Abuse of locker room behavior will result in loss of locker room privileges.
  12. 12. You are responsible for learning content as well as time management and            responsibility.  Your grade will be based on all of these aspects.


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