Welcome to Distance Learning from the PE Department!
As part of our distance learning
the PE department will be utilizing Google Classroom
to communicate assignments and to turn in assignments. 
We have set up 3 different classrooms.
Please use the join code for the grade level your child is in.
 Once your child has joined you should be connected and able to get all assignments and communication within that classroom. 
Here are some instructions on how to do this and a list of codes for each classroom.
Please try and get your child connected to the appropriate classroom by Monday March 30th. 

Join a class with a class code
1.   Go to: classroom.google.com and click Sign In.
Sign in with your student’s Google Account.
All Spring Grove students have a school gmail address like this  

and they have a password for it.
if your child does not know their password, please contact the teacher or the school office

 ***Please sign up each student with their own school email address.  It will help with getting assignments out and back electronically.

2.  At the top right, click the "+" sign - Join class.

3. Enter the class code one of these class codes for Phy Ed

Class Codes
K-3 PE veggyrn
4-6 PE gqzop7y
7 th PE 7epdomk