Welcome K-1 Families!
Your child received many resources to help with Distance Learning. In your caregiver letter, your child's teacher may have referenced videos, websites, or apps that your child can use for learning. Please use this site to find all of those great resources!  You can also access your child's Distance Learning Plans by clicking the Distance Learning Plans tab on the left.
Some sites require login information and others do not. Your child's teacher has that information for you.

Please let us know if there is anything that is not working OR if you found a great resource or website you would like us to add. 

Thank you for being a HUGE part of your child's education. 

The K-1 Team 
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Jill Bjerke, Kinder/1st Gr.
Erin Becker, Kindergarten
Leanne Kingsley, 1st Gr.
Stacey Schultz, Kindergarten