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Everyday Math


In Spring Grove we use the Everyday Math curriculum. The wonderful thing about Everyday Math is it teaches children to think about Math. It is a spiraling curriculum, which means skills are taught and revisited throughout the year. Your child will get one math homework sheet per week, which is due on Friday each week. At the beginning of every unit, you will receive a parent letter, which will give you the information you need to help your child practice skills and complete the homework. The parent letter also gives you ideas of games you can play at home to help reinforce skills.

Please use the following websites to learn more about Everyday Math. The parent letters for each unit are online as well.






Everyday Math

You will find unit overviews, parent letters, and do anytime activities.

Everyday Math From Concord School District

You will find helpful information and games for all grade levels.



In Spring Grove, we have adopted a wonderful reading program called Benchmark Literacy. Throughout the year, your child will get an in depth look at ten different comprehension skills. Each skill will be taught and modeled through large and small group lessons. Then, your child will have the opportunity to practice the skill during small group and individual reading. We will read a variety of both fiction and nonfiction text, and will have a readers' theater for each unit.

In order to become a proficient reader, your child will need to practice reading outside of school.


In order to learn to read, your child will need to learn about letter sounds. That is where phonics instruction comes in. Your child will receive explicit large group instruction on the different letter sounds, and will practice the sounds in both small group and individual practice. To help learn the sounds, we will sing songs, play games, write stories, read poems, and make fun word art. This is also where spelling comes in. This year, your child will be tested on spelling each week.  Please look in your child's take home folders to find the Spelling Words. Spelling words can also be found on the our Google Community Page.







Scholastic Reading

Reading reasources and help for your 1st grade child. Find expert advice and tips for raising a successful reader.

Book Orders

Use this site to order books for your child. Our classroom code is: GXFTP

Benchmark Literacy

Benchmark Literacy's homepage.