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Reading- We use a wonderful curriculum called Benchmark Literacy. Students will work on comprehension skills, perform readers' theaters, read stories, and most of all FALL IN LOVE WITH READING!

Math- We use Everyday Mathematics where children learn through play and exploration. Students will learn about counting, shapes, patterning, and will learn many new games that you can play at home!

Phonics Word Study-  Jolly Phonics will teach your child about the sounds the letters make. We will learn one letter a day as we work our way through the program. Students will learn actions for sounds and will learn many fun songs and rhymes. 

Writing-  Using Benchmark Writing and Handwriting instruction, students will learn how to put their thoughts into writing. We will explore lines and curves and how they make each letter. We will combine our writing with Phonics as we learn the letters. 

Science/ Social Studies- Students will learn about animals, magnets, culture, states, presidents, symbols, nature, life cycles, and much much more. We will use the Core Knowledge curriculum to guide our learning. A lot of our learning will be done outside and through play and discovery. Students are always encouraged to bring in new and exciting things to share!