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Classroom Information


Classroom Organization: Our classroom is set up to provide several spaces for the children to work on their own and with others. We have a whole group area on the carpet, tables so that the kids can work individually and in groups, center areas for students to focus on specific tasks, an active play area, and areas for students to work in a small group or individually with the teacher.

Supplies: We will be using community supplies in kindergarten. This gives the students a sense of shared ownership in the classroom, which helps to contribute to a sense of community.

Sharing: Students will have sharing/show and tell approximately once a week. Keep your eyes open for a sharing schedule and directions next week.

Specials: Our students are very lucky to have Music and P.E. every day! Mr. Konz is the P.E. teacher and Mrs. Engen is the music teacher. They also visit the Media Center every week with Mrs. Jahnke. Please make sure books are returned weekly so that students can check out more books. Students will also have Art class with Mrs. Eiken once a week during the second semester.

Homework: I am a strong believer that children should be spending time playing and enjoying their families after school, so I send very little homework, However I will send a few things home mainly so that you can stay in touch with what is going on in the classroom. Their homework will focus mainly on reading and math. Please support your child when they bring home homework or reading materials.

Family Projects: At certain times, students will bring home a family project to complete at home and bring back to school. Have fun with them!

School Day:Students should gather in the cafeteria between 8:00 and 8:20. Students will be picked up from the cafeteria at 8:20. Students who are not in the classroom ready for learning at 8:30 will be marked as tardy.

Snack Time: We have snack time every day. White or chocolate milk is provided free of charge for all kindergarteners, but snacks are not. Feel free to send a snack to school with your child. If your child is unable to drink milk because of dietary restrictions, please let me know and you may purchase orange juice for snack time.

Discovery Time: We have discovery time every day. Students are given this time to work towards their own goals, socialize and learn to work together and solve problems.

Parent/Teacher Communication: I have a Google Community where I will post pictures and information from our classroom. I will be sending out an email to invite you to sign up for our Google Community; please respond to this request! I am going to try to stay away from paper communication as much as possible this year in order to remain environmentally friendly!

Students will also be communicating with parents through a digital learning journal called Seesaw. Students will post pictures and videos of things they are working on and goals they are meeting. You will be receiving more information about this in the coming weeks.

You may communicate with my by phone, text, email, or notes. I check my email daily; however, I don’t always have time to check messages during the school day, so if something is urgent (especially regarding a student’s plans for after school), please call the office and leave them a message.

Please check your child’s folder every night. I will use this folder to send home homework, completed schoolwork, and other important information. I will also be checking the folders daily for communication from home.

Breakfast: Breakfast is served at no charge to all kindergarteners. Breakfast is served from 8:00-8:20 in the cafeteria. Please make sure students arrive by 8:05 if they are going to eat breakfast so that they are ready to head to the classroom by 8:20.

Birthday Treats: We enjoy celebrating birthdays in kindergarten! Feel free to send treats to share with the class on your child’s birthday. Right now, we have 14 students in our class, but that number can always change, so just make sure to send enough for everybody!

Contact: Jennifer Solberg