Pep Band: Syllabus

Please see the Senior High Band syllabus Pep Band information!


Pep Band is a “REQUIRED fun” activity -- See participation grade below. Our required Pep Band uniform are SPRING GROVE BAND JACKETS for all Pep Band events. It is required for students to have instrument lyres for pep band. Lyres can be purchased in the band room with Spring Grove Band Punch Cards.  Students that miss Pep Band for their athletics or other school activities are excused upon prior communication with the instructor. Students or parents must communicate with the instructor themselves. A friend may NOT inform Mr. Leafblad of your absence for you.

- Life is a participation sport and our band participation supports the community in Spring Grove! -

8th Graders may play with the 9th-12th Pep Band AND Senior High Concert Band upon invitation from the director. Invitation is based upon skill level, dedication, enthusiasm, and academic standing in other classes.


PEP BAND (9th-12th Grade) Meet @ Band Room - “REQUIRED fun” Band activity!

---FALL REGULAR SEASON---                                  ---WINTER REGULAR SEASON---

9-18-18 Volleyball 6:30pm (Before game only)        11-27-18 GBB 6:15pm (Before and Halftime)

9-21-18 Football 6:10pm (Before game only)          12-7-18 BBB 6:15pm (Before and Halftime)

10-1-18 Homecoming Skit Night 6:20pm                12-13-18 BBB 6:15pm (Before and Halftime)

10-2-18 Volleyball 6:30pm (Before game only)        12-14-18 GBB 6:15pm (Before and Halftime)

10-5-18 Football 6:10pm (MARCHING BAND)        1-3-19 GBB 6:15pm (Before and Halftime)

10-11-18 Volleyball 6:30pm (Before game only)      1-10-19 BBB 6:15pm (Before and Halftime)

10-15-18 Volleyball 6:30pm (Before game only)      1-11-19 GBB 6:15pm (Before and Halftime)

10-17-18 Football 6:10pm (Before game only)        1-15-19 BBB 6:15pm (Before and Halftime)

                                                                                    1-18-19 BBB 6:15pm (Before and Halftime)

                                                                                    1-25-19 GBB 6:15pm (Before and Halftime)

                                                                                    2-1-19 BBB 6:15pm (Before and Halftime)

                                                                                    2-4-19 BBB 6:15pm (Before and Halftime)

                                                                                    2-5-19 GBB 6:15pm (Before and Halftime)

                                                                                    2-8-19 GBB 6:15pm (Before and Halftime)

                                                                                    2-12-19 BBB 6:15pm (Before and Halftime)

---FALL TOURNAMENTS---                                      ---WINTER TOURNAMENTS---

10-22-18 Volleyball Section Tournament                 2-19-19 GBB Play-In (OR BBB home game)

10-23-18 Football Section Tournament                    2-21-19 GBB Opening Round

10-25-18 Volleyball Section Tournament                 2-25-19 GBB Section

10-27-18 Volleyball & Football Section Tourney     2-26-19 BBB Play-In OR GBB Section                      

11-1-18 Volleyball Sub-Finals                                   2-28-19 BBB Opening Round

11-2-18 Football Section Tournament                      3-5-19 BBB Section

11-3-18 Volleyball Section Finals                              3-7-19 GBB Section Finals

Nov 8th-10th Volleyball State Tournament                3-9-19 BBB Semi-Finals

Nov 8th-10th, 15th-17th, 23-24th Football State           3-14-19 BBB Section Finals

                                                                                    March 13tht-16th BBB State Tournament

                                                                                    March 19th-23rd GBB State Tournament


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