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7th grade art meets 2nd semester. What will we do in art 7?

7th  Grade Syllabus

Art …Mrs.Eiken

1.Intro activity …
a.  folder line design…. Critique
b. Me….self portrait
2. Elements of design:
  1. lecture
  2. movie
  3. quiz
  4. project...line study (mandela)
  5. project....Textural study (landscape)
3.Principles of design:
         a. lecture
         b. movie
         c. quiz
         d. project...sculpture (Oaxacan animals)
4.Color Theory
         a. lecture
         b. color worksheets
         c. non/traditional color wheel
5. Portfolio:
         a. Create font in 1-point perspective
         b. transfer to portfolio
         c. create a motif design (of personal significance)
         d. transfer to portfolio
         e. add color scheme to portfolio
         f. oral and written critique of portfolio
6. Museum words (art analysis)
7. Art history...sale bill for master work of an impressionist)
8. Projects to be determined by students: