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What will we do in Art 3?

Art 3, 2-D, will begin with an intensive focus on improving drawing skills. Many techniques and approaches will be included. Weekly homework sketches will be required, as well as in-school daily drawings. Two dimensional art forms will be the main focus of the class. These will include printmaking, collage and painting. Several media will be explored. Art terms and art history will be the subject for exams. 
proposed syllabus:

  1. Intro activity
  2.  Drawing on the right side of the brain will run throughout the semester and includes:
  1. Weekly drawing exercises including: Contour, blind contour, portrait, perspective, value, still life, negative space, and landscape.
  2. Sketchbooks (HOMEWORK) always due on Wed.
  3. Experimenting with various media and techniques including pencil, marker, charcoal, ink, oil and chalk pastel.
  4. Weekly critiques…Artist of the Week.
  1. We will explore the mediums of
  1. collage
  2. watercolor
  3. tempra
  4. acrylic
  5. printmaking
  6. lithosketch
  1. Each project will require planning, annotated drawings, and a final critique of the project (either written or oral)
  2. Every student will research an artist and a period of art. They will then create an original piece in the style of that artist,
  3. Working in pairs students will create a bulletin board featuring a master artist.
  4. Art field trips to the Bluff Country Gallery, and also to the MIA and the Walker.
This is your chance to express yourself as a visual artist. Begin compiling a list of ideas, themes, and styles that interest you. World issues, personal beliefs or ideals. You are an artist so start to think like one!!