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Seminar 9: Syllabus

Topics Covered:

Career Exploration/MCIS/ACT test awareness
Student Handbook
Electronic Databases - Advanced search techniques
Basics for Research Paper
Study Smart/ Web Evaluation/
How to Succeed in High School
Psychology - Getting to Know Who You Are
Consumerism - Teen marketing target - coercion through media

Student Behavior Expectations

Students are asked to respect self, materials, property, community.
All tardies will be sent to office.
Cheating is not tolerated. Students will be given a 0 if cheating. (See student handbook.) Plagiarism is cheating.
Come to class ready to learn with correct materials including pencils, pens, books,folders, etc.

Late daily homework will not be accepted for credit. However, all homework must be turned in to avoid an incomplete. Incompletes go to F’s.

Late projects will be dropped one full grade for each day it is late. All projects must be turned in.

You will receive one coupon which you may turn in with a late daily homework assignment. Coupon is only effective if homework is one day late. If you lose your coupon, it will not be reissued. Coupon is not good for projects.

Worksheets and handouts are not reissued. If you lose an assignment, you will need to hand copy from the master out of my notebook which stays in the media center. You will need to do this after school hours.

Grading - Everything you do in this class counts toward your grade.

**Tests - 35%

**Daily Work - 25%

**Projects - 40%

98-100 A
94-97 A-
92-93 B+
89-91 B
87-88 B-
84-86 C+
80-83 C
77-79 C-
75-76 D+
72-74 D
70-71 D-
0-69 F


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