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Literature 7: Syllabus

Literature 7

Teacher: Mrs. Nelson

Course Title: Literature 7


Course Description:


The Minnesota Academic Standards will serve as a guide for seventh grade Literature. This class will provide students with a solid foundation in reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing. Students will study the characteristics

of various genres through reading and writing. Key texts include short stories, novels, non-fiction pieces and poetry. Writing assignments will focus on students writing well-developed compositions in different styles and genres. Vocabulary

development and grammar study will include rules as well as patterns.

Students will read two novels together as a class and at least one other as part of a

cooperative literature circle. Most writing is done in response to literature studied but other writing assignments will be given. Grammar, usage, and

mechanics are taught in context of the writing done and revisited as needed. A response journal will be utilized frequently.  Students will also become familiar with research and its techniques including database searching along with research writing.



Students are expected to come to class prepared and ready to learn.  Pencils, pens,  books, laptops, notebooks and folders should be with students.  Backpacks are not allowed in class.  We have one behavior rule in class and that is to respect all things: self, others, and property.










Grading system:

The grading system is standard throughout junior and senior high school.  The systems is:

Percentage Scores:

100-93 A       76-73 C

92-90 A-       72-70 C-

89-87 B+       69-67 D+

86-83 B          66-63 D

82-80 B-        62-60 D-

79-77 C+      59-00 F


Late project assignments will be lose one half a grade if handed in the same, day, one grade if handed in the next day, one half a grade thereafter up to two grades. All work must be handed in.  Daily work, if late, will receive no credit or limited credit according to length of assignment per teacher discretion.



JMC grades are weighted as follows:


Assessments – 30%

Daily Work – 15%

Journals – 15%

Projects – 30%

Writing – 30%


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