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Learning in Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a very special time for children. They are growing and learning SO fast! There is a lot of research that supports the power of PLAY in kindergarten, so I try to incorporate play into much of my day. Kindergarteners need to play in order to learn how to work together and to figure out how the world works around them. We sing songs, play games, experiment, and read books in order to learn about the world around us.

Here’s a brief overview of what you and your child can expect out of our kindergarten curriculum:

READING: My main goal when teaching reading is for children to LOVE to READ!!! We will introduce several different comprehension strategies throughout the year and students will discuss what they’re reading. But most importantly, I want children to see that reading can take you wherever you want to go!

I teach a large group reading lesson each day based on the comprehension strategy we are focusing on. I also will be meeting with your child individually or in small groups periodically during discovery time. During this time, we work on skills that are specific to each student’s needs, and students learn to read at their own level. From time to time, I will send home books for your child to read to you!

PHONICS: We are using a fun phonics program called Jolly Phonics. Students will start the year by focusing on one sound a day. We will focus mainly on the SOUND of the letter but not the NAME of the letter. Each letter sound is accompanied by a song, a story, and an action. Please practice these sounds at home with your child as they come home! Students should quickly be able to blend sounds together to make words. Students will also be working on letter formation, identifying sounds in words, and tricky words. By mid-year, student will be exposed to all 42 sounds of the English language!

MATH: Kindergarten math is based on play! Kids work together to play games, work with manipulatives, and solve problems in order to understand math concepts. We also incorporate a lot of math into our daily calendar time. I will be se be sending Home Links home with your child about once a week. These are great activities to do with your child, but don’t feel like you need to return them to school.

WRITING: Kindergarten writing is so much fun to experience! We teach writer’s workshop in kindergarten, so children are practicing “writing” on a daily basis, beginning with journaling and moving into Book Reports and Informational Reports. Kindergarten writing starts with pictures and progresses to invented spellings of words and even sentences later in the year. But, most importantly, it’s about kids getting to share their own stories with others!

SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE: We have science or social studies every day in kindergarten. Students are exposed to a wide variety of topics, from the five senses to plants to Native Americans to American Symbols. We read books, have great discussions, do lots of experiments and activities, and create books and projects based on these units. I incorporate a lot of reading curriculum into my science/social studies curriculum.


Contact: Jennifer Solberg