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School Supplies - 2015-2016

Most items will be community items that will not need to be labeled. Those items that need to be labeled are marked below:

4 EXPO Dry Erase Markers
Box of Regular markers
wide rule notebooks 
‚Äč***Quality scissors
3 Boxes of 24 Regular Sized Crayons 
Elmer’s Glue 
12 Elmer’s Glue Sticks
10-12 Pencils (#2)
Erasers - large pink ones or pencil top
(2) 2-Pocket Folder 
***2 notebooks
***(1) 1" 3-ring binder
Crayola water color paints
Large box of Kleenex
Paint Shirt
School Bag or Backpack
Headphones for iPads
THIN mat for rest time 

***Please label with name!

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