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Reminders about the Online Order Request Process:
1. Change the Fiscal Year to 2018 (unless you are actually requesting items still for this school year).
2. In the "Comments" section - include the department, grant or activity for which you are ordering  (ie. Math vs. Science, Elem vs. HS, etc), we will then be able to code the expenditures appropriately. 
3. Include the vendor fax in the "Vendor Notes/Prints on PO" field if it does not auto fill in the vendor fax field when the vendor is selected. We will be faxing all Purchase Orders that are not completed through Express.
4. Include the Item # and Description. It is imperative that both the Item # and Description are included...if not, the order will be returned to you and you will have to redo the entire order  and will delay the processing of your requisition.  If there is a problem with your order and when checking it in, it is important to know what you intended to purchase with the corresponding item number. 
5. Reminder to "Transfer" your Cart when completed. Requests will remain in your "Cart" for 2 weeks and will be deleted if not transferred within that time period.
6. When using Express...you will probably time out of SMARTeR before your order is complete. Before "checking out" be sure that your are still logged into SMARTeR - I would suggest logging out and logging back in to be sure. If you are timed out of SMARTeR and "check out"- your order has no where to go and will be lost in the cloud and unfortunately you will have to start over.